The Sophomore Slump

It's gonna be an insane weekend, the last before we take off for tour. I've never been away from home for 5 weeks straight, so this could be interesting. Lots and lots of rehearsing to do, as well as shopping for the odds and ends that we will inevitably need while we are gone.

I got to scope out the van yesterday. One of our tour managers, Rian, decided to buy the van for the tour, because his heart was swelling with love and goodwill, and because the transmission on his car crapped out at just the right time. Let me tell you, this van is a dream machine. It's more like a big limo than a van. Leather captains chairs with loads of extra room, rich mahogany trim, strip lighting, TV/VCR, two CD / audio players with headphone jacks throughout... It's even got a little vacuum so we can keep it tidy. We are so blessed!

We are having a little going away party this weekend as well. My folks, with their infinite love and support (no matter how insane my life choices may be), have opted to host the party, and they will be loading up on finely spiced BBQ and cold beer for the festivities. Friends and relatives alike will gather to celebrate what will surely be an adventure of epic proportions. We will even have a donation jar so we can collect gift cards, gas money and dry foods... haha!

I am anxious to hit the road and get going. I'm excited as can be for the shows, but I really think the Comicons are gonna be a hoot as well. The Apneist is the first comic book I've ever written, and I'm super anxious to see how it fares among a crowd of consumers that aren't afraid to revel in the surreal, to dive into products of fantasy with completely open minds and experience worlds beyond their own. I never thought I'd be in this position, and I sure as hell didn't plan it this way, but I have a feeling that going multi-media with our album is gonna enrich our lives in some unexpected ways.

I am grateful that the silly string of events that I call my life has delivered me to this moment in time. I am surrounded by strong, positive people who are ready and able to ride this rollercoaster together into the great unknown. Let the intrepid travelers ride on.... to infinity.

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