Update from the Studio

Day 17.

Everyday has been an adventure in the studio working on our 2nd and 3rd full length albums for A Life of Science at Mind's Eye Digital Studios in Glendale, AZ with Larry Elyea. Despite a few technical issues, its been mostly smooth sailing.

At this point, the majority of the songs are tracked. Now comes the heavy mixing that comes with the territory when you have dozens of tracks of synths, pads, sfx and electronic drum kits on each song like we do. Six tracks have been mixed so far and we've been very pleased with the results.

Scott Passamonte - Guitar

We run our pre production pretty tight before we get into the studio and record our demos pretty precisely, so we weren't expecting to do much "writing" in our sessions. However, there's been a lot of developments, especially on the vocal arrangements. We definitely haven't been shy about layering on tracks of harmonies, echoes, ooohhs and aaaahhhs.

James Keenan - Vocals / Bass / Programming

We've also been having fun experimenting with the mixes and all the effects/glitching/filters and other marvels made available through modern recording technology. We are doing our best to craft a fun and interesting listen that goes to territories we haven't been before. Needless to say, we are having FUN.

Our 2nd album is tentatively titled "Vita Nova." The latin translation is "A New Life." A lot is different this time around for A Life of Science. We've said goodbye to some dear bandmates and welcomed some fresh blood (including beastly drummer Ben Anderson (from Digital Summer)). Our writing process has been very different as well. The new songs were born on the computer and structured and refined before they were ever played by instruments. Everything about the process has felt new. We feel like a new band. Hence "A New Life" for A Life of Science. In addition, the underlying themes of the new storyline for our second album are about starting a new life.

Ben Anderson - Drums

Not quite ready to start dropping information about our 3rd album just yet (even though it's very near completion.) It probably won't be released for some time. But we are very excited about it, as it marks an even further progression for the band.

To stay up to date, follow our studio webisodes weekly at http://www.alos.us.

Cheers to a future bright as snow.