And so it begins...

Day one. On route to Las Cruces, NM. Tearing through the cruel heart of the twisted desert at top speed.

The last few days have been utter madness. Despite our greatest efforts, last minute stuff came up, but all was handled. We are free.

I drove the first leg of today's trip. Pulling a 10 ft trailer is a lot like driving a boat. Anthony Gabuzzi (@Gabuzzi), guitarist extraordinaire, currently has the reigns of this great beast as it glides gracefully across the lands. Godspeed. The ride is smooth so far and there's lots to do in here. Our TM, Rian Ohoro (@horboy80), is dishing out some sweet jams as DJ... I'd have to say the highlights so far have been "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and "Come Sail Away." Epic. There's also a N64 in here... Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Goldeneye. Shits gonna get nutty.

I've been meaning to get going with the music reviews I've promised. I've been absorbing two albums with great interest this week. The first is the third album from Canadian indie pop group Islands. It's called "Vapours." The other album is riding a huge blog buzz wave... "Album" by newcomers Girls. I'm gonna give them each a few more spins and then spill my thoughts and smear them around.

I'm writing this from my phone at the moment, but once our Mi-Fi is up and running, I wanna post some multimedia stuff up in this piece.

Gotta run... I've been challenged to a van dance off in lovely Wallthrop, AZ. Next stop: Las Cruces, NM. I heard it was lovely this time of year. Hurricane Alley, get ready to have your faces imploded.

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