New Album, Vita Nova, Streaming Now!

The new A Life of Science album, Vita Nova, is streaming in its entirety at AOL music. Go give it a listen before you buy it on iTunes!


We hope you love it!


Behind the Scenes: Story Transmissions Series

Story Transmissions is the new animations series that we in A Life of Science have created to help tell the story concept behind our music. 

Some of our best feedback from our first album was from people who had read the story treatment for our concept in the album booklet for The Apneist and made associations between that and the lyrics and sonics of our album.

For our new album, Vita Nova, we wanted to tell the story just like we did on the first album's booklet, but we thought it would be more fun and interesting if it was put together in an animated series. For this, we wanted a fun and quirky narrator to keep things light-hearted while informing everyone of the events of the story concept. That's how Beta 3 came about.

Story Transmission 1:

Story Transmission 2:

Story Transmission 3:

There will be plenty more Story Transmissions out soon. Stay tuned.



New Music Video - "Prisoners No More [Uptown House Remix]"

Over the last year, we've travelled all over the Southwest and played some pretty memorable shows. We've goofed off in countless restaurants, raged in some sweet bars, and slept in some uncomfortable places.

The music video for the "Prisoners No More" [Uptown House Remix] (a remix done by myself, A Life of Science lead vocalist James Keenan) was put together using all footage from those great touring moments we've had. Cheers!

"Prisoners No More" [Uptown House Remix] Tour Music Video:



"Prisoners No More" Music Video

Filming our new music video, Prisoners No More, was a pretty painless experience. It was all shot in one day at a room in a warehouse facility on a green screen. We did some performance footage and got some action and dance footage with actress Kelli Apgar.

Director Scott Conditt kept everything moving at a steady pace and was able to transform simple footage into a spacey dreamscape music video. It was pretty impressive to see what became of that day of shooting.

Prisoners No More Official Music Video:

The making of the Prisoners No More Music Video:


"SAN-D4000, You are Immortal" Music Video

August 2009 was a great month for A Life of Science. We were fresh off the release of our debut album, The Apneist, and preparing to embark on our first ever nationwide tour, where we would release our debut comic book based on our music at Baltimore Comic Con. It was during this brief period that we put together a massive crew to film our debut music video for our track, "SAN-D4000, You are Immortal."

The day of the music video shoot was exciting for all involved. With an entire crew of dancers, hair and make up artists, crew and actors on a huge set with RED cams and major equipment, the video had enormous potential. At the end of the day, applause broke out as "That's a wrap" was declared. Then things got a little weird...

As the crew packed up and got ready to head home, they were met with the very disturbing news that the footage from the day had been accidentally flushed. Since the video had taken months of planning and thousands of dollars to execute, there was a period of grief and frustration...

Fast forward to December 2011... 17 months after the fact, and the SAN-D4000, You are Immortal "lost" music video is finally complete. Since that fateful day of the video shoot, the footage has been recovered, passed through a few sets of hands for editing, sat motionless for months, and, finally, been edited and approved.

May we present to you, the "SAN-D4000, You are Immortal" Music Video. Enjoy.

Many special thanks to Joe Homokay, Matty Steinkamp, Carrissa Carrillo, Scott Conditt, Kyle Smith, Kristin Isaac, Erica Grimwood, Bob McKee, Zakk Geist, Anthony Gabuzzi, Rian O'Horo, Angel Garcia, Kevin Harper, Evan Worle, Bex Cox, Tiffany Goss, Kim Bernard, Becky Keenan, Travis Alexander, and the rest of the crew, without whom this video would not have been possible.


Exclusive Interviews with ALOS

Our new album, Vita Nova, is a continuation of the concept from our first album, The Apneist.

The story's lead character, Jon Tate, finds himself coping in a new post-apocalyptic world and desperately tries to right the wrongs of his past.

Hear what James and Scott have to say about the new story and music in the interviews below.

Interview 1:

Interview 2: