Behind the Scenes: Story Transmissions Series

Story Transmissions is the new animations series that we in A Life of Science have created to help tell the story concept behind our music. 

Some of our best feedback from our first album was from people who had read the story treatment for our concept in the album booklet for The Apneist and made associations between that and the lyrics and sonics of our album.

For our new album, Vita Nova, we wanted to tell the story just like we did on the first album's booklet, but we thought it would be more fun and interesting if it was put together in an animated series. For this, we wanted a fun and quirky narrator to keep things light-hearted while informing everyone of the events of the story concept. That's how Beta 3 came about.

Story Transmission 1:

Story Transmission 2:

Story Transmission 3:

There will be plenty more Story Transmissions out soon. Stay tuned.


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