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Let's start off today with some nice footage from Juan's Basement. For those that are unfamiliar, Juan's Basement is a show where a dude (in Chicago, I think) invites bands to stop by his house on their way through town to record a performance and chew the fat for a while. There's been some pretty rad guests in the past, including No Age, Liars, Broken Social Scene and The Walkmen, just to name a few. This week, Juan had the boys from Vampire Weekend over for a jamboree.

I'd also like to share this video from one of my favorites, Islands. Their third release, Vapours, was not my favorite of their records (even though it is amazing), but I am a faithful Nick Diamonds fan and will give a hearty chance to anything he releases. Not sure how, but they got budding film star Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno) to star in the video, stoned to the gills on LSD. I find this concept very amusing. You might too.

In case you haven't noticed. It's video day :) Here's an oldie but goodie. I chose it because the music and animation are equally innovative and perfectly synced. I'm also a huge fan of the lyrics and message. "Our work makes pretty little homes. Agenda suicide. The drones work hard before they die." None of us want to lie on our deathbed wondering why we worked like stiffs for our whole lives and didn't stop to smell the flowers. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

The next video is from my boy Bradford Cox from the band, Deerhunter. His melodies are always intriguing, his lyrics are always dark, and his songs are always expressive and moody. He operates under the name Atlas Sound when working solo (or with musicians other than the Deerhunter members). I was actually a fan of the last Atlas Sound record... pretty solid all the way through. This clip is from Pitchfork's "Surveillance" series, which combines intimate performance footage with random ass surveillance clips. In the clip, Bradford is on his own with a Line 6 looping pedal, throwing down. It's amazing what one man and his pedals can create.

I'll check back soon. My New Years resolution was to blog more :P


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