Time Stands Still

Dreadful of me to log off for such a postponed period. My apologies.

So where did I leave off? Buffalo. Yes, Buffalo. An unbelievable time. Played at a venue called Club Diablo that truly lived up to its name. A metal bar that was suited for Halloween year round. Skeletons, gargoyles, spider webs. Great place for a rock show. We played with some pretty badass groups. This is Voyage really tore things up right off the bat. Their electronicore was much appreciated by yours truly (I'm a closet The Devil Wears Prada fan, and these guys strongly resembled them.) The guys were young and excited. Their future is bright indeed. Kept in touch with them too. They emailed me their EP and it was pretty solid.

The band that we set that show up with is called The Bunny The Bear, a skitzo-electronicore band. Their concept is priceless. A big brooding vocalist in a vicious bear mask singing beautiful melodys while a smaller vocalist in a cute bunny mask throats out brutal screams. So fun. The Bunny got black out drunk and spent most of his time in the crowd; pushing, flailing, hitting his head against the wall/ground/stage... even vomiting (and wiping the remnants on the shirt of an unsuspecting girl haha.) Priceless. Great guys. Great times.

New York City was super dope. We had Comicon the first 3 days we were there. It was so cold and rainy out that we could barely hang. We wore every jacket and article of clothing we had and were still ice cold. We did get to stop at some really amazing pizza joints though. Must've had a slice every few hours while I was there. Got to have a rich and buttery NY cheesecake while I was there, too. Tasted like silk.

After the long Comicon days and afterparties, the crowds usually started heading to the bars. The nightlife in NY was glorious. We were hanging with a NY native who was able to herd us around like sheep to the destinations of our choosing. "Let's go to a bar with a big beer selection." "Follow me." Subway. Boom. There. "Okay, now let's go to a Hookah bar." Subway. Boom. There. "Okay, let's go to a bar with lots of girls." Subway. Boom. Bar by NYU loaded with girls. "Okay, karaoke bar." Boom. Korea Town. Golden.

We also got to go out one night for our manager's birthday. Went to a little Thai place in the lower east side. Delicious and huge trays of sushi for cheap as hell. Sake bombers. Bliss. Then our manager just had one request... for our guitarist, Anthony, to do a Wasabi snooter in his honor (You've all seen Jackass, right?). Well, he actually went through with it. Despite some gags, he actually kept his dinner down too. Very impressive. We went out around there and saw some legendary places (Cake Shop and a few other notorious venues.) Amazing night.

So, yeah. Now I'm at home in Phoenix recalling all the lovely times the road has to offer. I've been super productive since I got back. Wrote the next Apneist comic book. Started writing the next album / story concept. Got loads of web work done. But damn. I just can't stop thinking about the open road... Where I belong. FML.

Planning a huge 2010 so I can do all the things I want to do. Wish me luck. Back soon. Kisses.

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